Root Canal Therapy

Smiling WomanWhen is a Root Canal Needed?

Root Canal Therapy is a procedure that involves the clearing of bacteria from a tooth that has become infected by decay or traumatized by an accident. Inside each tooth is the nerve and blood supply that aided in development of the teeth and keeps them vital during life. When the nerve dies from one of the above sources the resultant infection can be very painful and cause swelling in the gums and face. When a tooth gets in this condition it either has to be removed or have root canal therapy performed to clear the infection.

Endodontic Therapy in St. John

We make a careful access into the tooth and use specialized instruments and medicaments to clean and sterilize the inside. This procedure gets rid of the source of the infection which was the diseased nerve and blood supply, allows the area to heal and saves the tooth for restoration and future use.

We’ve seen root canals that were performed 40 years ago still going strong to this day which is just one testament that root canal therapy is an effective treatment to eliminate infection and preserve patient’s natural teeth.

Success Stories

Comprehensive Treatment Before
Comprehensive Treatment After

Jerry came to our office with multiple issues that bothered him on a daily basis.  He sought regular dental care but was not satisfied with how his teeth felt and especially how they appeared and wanted a solution to make his smile the best it could be.  After thoroughly discussing all of his options Jerry decided on a plan that suited him best.  His case involved many of the services we offer at McCarroll Dental including tooth removal, endodontics, orthodontics (to move his existing teeth into the proper positions), crowns and bridgework.  We worked diligently to satisfy Jerry and he was completely happy with our end result.  Many cases such as this can completely transform the way a patient feels about their smile and also about themselves and we are passionate about doing our very best on each and every case.

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