Comprehensive Treatment Plans

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Every patient that comes to us gets a thorough examination combining clinical inspection and digital x-rays. Many times, with more complex cases, we will take moulds of our patients’ teeth, called “study models,” which enable us to more closely inspect tooth position, bite relationships and gum tissue levels in order to customize a plan specifically for that patient.

The Dentist Who Listens to You

Our patients concerns are very important to us so one of the main things we do after presenting all of the treatment options available is to listen to our patient. Our goal with each and every person is to describe in detail what treatments are available to them so that they can decide what they feel most comfortable with. This is true from the smallest fillings to large cases where we replace multiple or all of a patient’s teeth.

Cost Transparency

Finances are a big concern to everyone and we understand that very well that is why we give multiple options and explain fees in advance of any treatment so that there are no hidden fees or surprise charges. Our patients leave the treatment plan consultation with a thorough understanding of what can be done to help their situation and of what it will cost. For larger plans, our financing includes CareCredit which is one of the largest health care financing programs in the country.

Free Consultation

We can develop a customized treatment plan showing options and recommendations for a healthy, confident smile.

Success Stories

Comprehensive Treatment Before
Comprehensive Treatment After

Jerry came to our office with multiple issues that bothered him on a daily basis.  He sought regular dental care but was not satisfied with how his teeth felt and especially how they appeared and wanted a solution to make his smile the best it could be.  After thoroughly discussing all of his options Jerry decided on a plan that suited him best.  His case involved many of the services we offer at McCarroll Dental including tooth removal, endodontics, orthodontics (to move his existing teeth into the proper positions), crowns and bridgework.  We worked diligently to satisfy Jerry and he was completely happy with our end result.  Many cases such as this can completely transform the way a patient feels about their smile and also about themselves and we are passionate about doing our very best on each and every case.

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