Invisible Braces

Smart Moves® Invisible Aligners in St. John

Smart Moves BracesSmart Moves® is a proprietary system from Great Lakes Orthodontics that we use in our office to correct medium to minor tooth alignment issues for people seeking a quick effective correction to crowded or misaligned teeth.  

There are no brackets or wires with this system.  We take photographs and moulds of our patients teeth and the laboratory creates a system of clear trays (aligners) that get placed over the teeth which over time move the teeth into the desired positions.  The trays can be removed for eating and placed right back in after brushing and the great thing is that observers can barely tell they are there.  Normal treatment times are 3-4 months for average cases and then we retain the new positions with a bonded retainer or by using the last aligner.  

Our patients love this system for its ease and simplicity. Read more about Smart Moves® in this brochure (PDF): Why Use Smart Moves®? A less expensive aligner system!

Success Stories

Clear Aligners Before
Clear Aligners After

Jennie came to us concerned about gaps in her front teeth around an implant crown that she had placed years ago.  She wasn’t sure how these gaps developed she just wanted a solution to improve the look of her upper teeth and smile.  This was a perfect case for our clear aligners Smart Moves which are worn over the teeth and removed to eat, cleaned thoroughly and then placed back in position.  These aligners are barely detectable and quite comfortable.  We were able to close the gap for Jennie in 4 months without any discomfort.  Needless to say she was very pleased and loved the way it turned out and so did we.

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