Crowns and Bridges

Married CoupleCrowns and bridges are a conventional dental treatment used to repair and/or replace missing teeth.

Dental Crowns in St. John

A crown (or “tooth cap”) is a complete covering for a tooth that has fractured, is highly filled or prone to fracture from heavy wear. The tooth to be crowned is reduced to create a “relief space” just large enough for a natural looking crown to slide right over it and be cemented into place. The tooth is completely sealed and has 360 degree coverage for protection. Crowns are made of very durable porcelain, zirconia or a combination of both for added strength.

Benefits of Tooth Caps

Crowns are very beautiful restorations and can completely transform a patient’s smile. We use a zirconia/porcelain combination in our crowns to completely remove metal which promotes a more lifelike appearance and also eliminates the dreaded “black line” where the crown approaches the gums.

Natural Looking Restoration with Bridges

Bridges are a solid, non-removable tooth restoration and replacement option that is cemented to existing support teeth. These support teeth are reduced in the fashion described above and crowned with the missing teeth firmly connected. A bridge is cemented as one solid piece over the supports and produces a natural looking and feeling restoration.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

Missing teeth have a profound effect on chewing and stability of the remaining teeth. Often teeth will shift in the absence of their neighbors which may lead to decay, periodontal disease and additional tooth loss. Fixed bridgework is a great solution to replace these missing teeth and restore biting function and stability. With great home care and regular check ups fixed bridgework can last a very long time.

Success Stories

Comprehensive Treatment Before
Comprehensive Treatment After

Jerry came to our office with multiple issues that bothered him on a daily basis.  He sought regular dental care but was not satisfied with how his teeth felt and especially how they appeared and wanted a solution to make his smile the best it could be.  After thoroughly discussing all of his options Jerry decided on a plan that suited him best.  His case involved many of the services we offer at McCarroll Dental including tooth removal, endodontics, orthodontics (to move his existing teeth into the proper positions), crowns and bridgework.  We worked diligently to satisfy Jerry and he was completely happy with our end result.  Many cases such as this can completely transform the way a patient feels about their smile and also about themselves and we are passionate about doing our very best on each and every case.

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