Oral Surgery

Blooming FlowerGentle Oral Surgery in Our St. John Office

Many people think of the term Oral Surgery and instantly get a pit in their stomach. Our office has many ways to take the fear and discomfort away from oral surgery procedures to help you get the treatment you need.

We perform most types of Oral Surgery including:

  • single or multiple tooth removal
  • implant planning and placement
  • wisdom tooth removal
  • procedures to reduce bone and grafting procedures to increase bone volume for implants.

Your Comfort is Our Priority

We use the most effective local anesthetics available and, if necessary, oral sedation medication to help calm our patients and quiet apprehension. We use a special device to numb our patients called the STA system that dramatically decreases the discomfort with injections.

Simple and Quick Process

Many of our patients are amazed at how simple the process is and with dramatically reduced pain. Our team has got you covered from the moment you walk in until the moment your procedure is complete. The saying we hear often from our patients is “That’s it? We’re done already?”  Full written and oral post surgery instructions are given and we call our patients the day after to make sure they are making good progress.

We’d be happy to discuss any oral surgery needs you have and devise a plan specifically for you.

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