Dental Implants

Mature CoupleComplete Tooth Replacement in Our St. John Office

Many people do not realize that dental implants (complete tooth replacement) have been around for nearly 40 years. During that time numerous innovations and changes have occurred that make tooth replacement with implants one of the best treatments we can offer.

Dental Implant Process

An implant is a root form replacement made of titanium (precious metal) that is precision fabricated with internal connections that allow a post and crown to be attached to it. The process involves careful screening for each patient’s needs to determine the correct size and number of implants to be used. Three-dimensional imaging (CBCT) and moulds of the teeth are taken of each patient to aid in careful planning for every case before any implants are placed. The full procedure is discussed before any treatment and all questions are answered to the satisfaction of our patient. Once placed the implants have a healing time of from 2-4 months before they can be restored to create teeth.

Full Implant Care In One Office

Our office has been replacing and restoring implants for nearly a decade which makes it much easier for our patients because all phases of the treatment are done at this office. Implants are a wonderful treatment option to replace teeth but also to save remaining teeth from being reduced for fixed bridges. Many options are available including full upper and lower tooth replacement, implants to retain or even support current dentures and of course single tooth replacement. Implants may be used in areas where teeth have been missing for some time. Grafting (bone replacement) may be necessary in some cases but rest assured we discuss every aspect so that the patient can understand completely.

We are always happy to consult with people who have questions about implants.  If you have implant questions or just want to learn more about what can be done for you please call to set up a free consultation.

Success Stories

Dental Implants Before
Dental Implants After

Stan came to our office with a condition that we see quite often and that really frustrates and upsets our patients.  He had a front tooth that broke right at the gum line and left very little tooth to be repaired.  As always, we talked about the options that were available to him in order to repair the broken tooth and we discussed it at length.  Stan decided on replacing his broken front incisor with an implant to avoid anything removable or touching the neighboring teeth.  Implants are a fantastic way to replace one or multiple missing teeth and have really become nearly undetectable if performed correctly.  Both Stan and I were very pleased with his end result of an implant and crown to fill the space left by his broken tooth.

If you have a similar situation we’d love to discuss your options and help.

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