Dental Exams and Screenings

Periodic Dental Checkups in our St. John Office

HallwaySeeing a dentist regularly is a great way to help keep your teeth in the best possible condition (along with good hygiene habits). For most patients we recommend visiting us twice a year in order for us to detect any possible issues you may have.

Low-Radiation X-Rays

Our office uses digital x-rays which require less radiation to capture and no developing chemicals or film. The digital “plates” we use are scanned directly into the computer and stored. We are proud to offer this as it dramatically cuts down on environmental waste.

During Your Exam

Our thorough examination includes checking your teeth and gums for decay or disease, screening for oral cancer, Temporomandibular joint function/health, bite structure, missing teeth and existing conditions. Basically, we check everything in order to promote optimal oral health.

In addition to exam and cleaning we offer a fluoride varnish to our patients that helps to strengthen their natural enamel and also desensitize. We often consult on diet and medication issues as well because there are many factors that can promote decay or gum disease. Our goal is to treat these issues for you but also to find some of the causes that may be contributing. We use these examination appointments to come up with a treatment plan specifically designed for you with multiple options to choose from.

Our hygienists have over 45 years of combined experience in caring for patients and really enjoy what they do. From simple cleanings to more involved gum therapy, communication and patient comfort is of utmost importance to us. We look forward to seeing you and will always be available to listen to you and answer your questions.


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